Is this the new North Stand

Is this the new North Stand ?

New North Stand ??

Well from the News of the World (click on Photo Link) they are showing the proposed Stadiums for the World Cup 2018 bid and as you can see from the picture above the North Stand is much different.

Notice :

The corner between Trinity and North has been done with a wrap around

The different roof structure

Where the North meets the Witton Lane you can see what I call traditional Villa Park brickwork. Also it appear that there are no seats in that corner. This confirms what the General said a week or so back with regards to the stand not wrapping around at both sides.

All the pictures in the NOTW article are of the future stadiums there is no reason to suspect this is NOT the new North stand design at this stage. This picture is likely to have been in the WC 2018 hence why the NOTW have got it and likely why Randy admitted this week that the plans would happen soon, he knew it would leak out.

Looks very good to me.

10 comments on “Is this the new North Stand

  1. I like it.. but holt end and doug ellis stand look totally seperated from the rest of it.. i’d love it to all be joined up but that looks alright i guess.. i HATE the north stand it looks so old and out dated

  2. I really really like it. I’m not so bothered about the lack of continuity with the Holte and Witton/Ellis stands, they have their own identities and that’s to be lauded; as long as we get rid of the so-hideous-it’s-obviously-out-of-place North, I’m happy.
    Trinity at the moment is a nice looking modern cantilever so if we can essentially extend that appearance around to include the North, yet keep the other stands separate (i.e retain their individual identities) I will be happy.
    Let’s be honest, the North stand is non-descript, has no real identity, and if anything is just there because it has to be. Amalgamating it with the Trinity-look is, I think, a clever move, and presumably the lack of wrap-around at the North/Witton corner is (I choose to believe) in order to maintain the distinctiveness of the rest of the ground.
    I would hate VP to become a soulless all-seater bowl-style stadium of the ilk of the Stadium of Light or Southampton, etc etc. They’re ten a penny.
    Villa Park has identity, distinctiveness, history; and for me, that image retains it while still modernising.

    I’m also drunk🙂

  3. To be fair, Lerner said he’d be doing this of attendances were good and he would be doing it in time for the World Cup- to help our bid to be a host city

  4. This is a mock up that was done on villatalk.com

  5. I suppose that’s where the money will be going over the nxt coulpe of yrs and we have to accept that. The North stand should’ve been done yrs ago. If the outcome is what’s in the Picture above then all’s well for the future. The ground needs updating and fair play to LERNER for spotting that fact early on in his tenure at the club. It was good to hear his comments about the future of the club but i think it would be better if he gave more interviews about what’s happening at the club.

    I guess we will have the 50,000 cap that he’s looking for. He seems to see it as paramount to our progress in the Premier Lge and if that’s the case then all well and good. It’s good news to hear O’Neill is staying at Villa Pk for the foreseable future. Continuity is key to the clubs progress and he seems to understand that. I think we need to begin to fill the stadium every wk and that will mean getting more season ticket sales. I don’t know what our sales are right now but it will have to improve, no doubt. The stadium has been less than full on quite a few occasions this season and that has to be sorted out for the future. Mr Lerner and Martin O’Neill have to be more open about what’s happening and tell what the real polans for the club are. Only then will all supporters be on side with the club. As we all know a section of the supporters have become disallusioned with certain things happening at the club but as i’ve said, it’s up2 O’neill and Lerner to spell it out for the fans. Afterall, it is the fans who pay the majority of the clubs way. I don’t think it’s 2 much 2 ask…


  6. Looks Good, what this also could mean is a slight reduction in season ticket prices to ensure higher attendances but maybe a slight increase on match day tickets to allow for re-payment.. Just a thought and not one with any proof or knowledge behind, but in a business sense would seem to make sense..

  7. […] Is this the new North Stand Is this the new North Stand ? Well from the News of the World (click on Photo Link) they are showing the proposed […] […]

  8. Looks good! The new north stand has to be big as possible as expansion dont happen every season. Making villa park bigger is good as

    1. Players will be more likely to sign for us when they see we have a 50k + ground

    2. It creates more revenues for the LONG TERM FUTURE!!!

    3. Lifts the club in stature with the fans and the outside world!

    4. Our Stadium is the everlasting tangible representation of the club, the bigger the better … santiago bernebeu, san siro, camp nou etc

    Hope you agree!!!

  9. we need more executive boxes . Hope new stand has plenty

  10. is this acctualy happened id be the happiest man alive(: , AVFC FOR LIFE!!
    come on learner i beg for this to happen ;D SOTC VTID!

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