Carew waves BYE as we lose a nothing match

Got to be totally honest, at no point was I ‘up’ for the game.

In fact I have never felt so non plussed for a game since the DOL years. It seems from the funeral atmosphere at VP that everyone felt the same and the guys behind just talked about the election all game which says it all really.

On the pitch the players hardly seemed bothered and lets face it is nice to be above Liverpool but whether we finished 5th, 6th or 7th is actually inconsequential. the attitude just seemed to be to finish the season which lets face it was finished last week and you have a feeling a few players had played their last game for Villa.

Hence the title.

You know I am no fan of the con artist called Carew and despite his goals this for me was the 6th game running he had a stinker against defenders who battled against him and not fall away. Hence on about 70 minutes when he was subbed and applauded all the ground o his way out I certainly got the feeling that was goodbye.

I did not stick around for the ‘lap of honour’ but I read and was told he was waving in many people’s view goodbye. I will be one of the few who will not be unhappy at that.

9 months gone quickly, all over now, we can reflect on a season of progression in many areas but today showed the same old fault of not breaking down teams at home and that is what we must correct.

Over to you Randy and Martin.

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29 comments on “Carew waves BYE as we lose a nothing match

  1. Right, Carew as has been said IS lazy, but I don’t care if he is as long as he scores goals. If we can get someone at least as good, if not better then ‘bye bye’, but as it is will probably stay. Reckon Sidwell, Beye, Bouma, Heskey, Reo Coker, L Young, and maybe Carew will all go.
    JohnLeeHooker- Just one quick thing, just because you’re a Christian, doesn’t make you good, (though kudos for the charity work) and surely a good Christian wouldn’t go to a lap dancing club.:)

  2. p.s. How many games did Carew either not start or not play in the Prem. If he scored 10 goals anyway, how many more could it have been? Probably at least 5-10.

  3. Big Jon will move on I have no doubt about that…I just hope all the regular splinters on bums from the bench follow suit out of VP…The likes of Reo Joker, Sidwell, Shorey, Beye, Guzan, Heskey and Harewood players all bought by O’Neill but none of which he has any faith in will take their big fat cheques and go off to other pastures where they wont be so rewarded for their paltry efforts. Take a few of the regulars out to the likes of Cuellar and Petov and start afresh…our plan A is shite and we dont have a plan B…We have to start afresh full stop !! UTV

  4. Glad if carew leaves he is frustrating. Will never try his best in every game. Heskey is a much better team player than carew and although he wont score as many as carew he will be much more influential in moves and will provide a second striker with good assists hence why he will start with rooney at the world cup. In my view MoN had to go and sign somebody like darren bent who will turn up every week and do well. Gabby is still yet to get to be a 20 goal a season striker but i think that his finnishing will certainly improve over time. When playing with Carew we have lost more of our games this season than if we played heskey or gabby on his own. Heskey will most probably leave in search of first team football and we have to go out and sign a goalscorer!

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