Is a statement on Freddie due

According to Dave Woodhall on H&V a statement is due this week on Bouma and ‘it is not looking good’.

Despite some reserve performances Bouma though he looked OK could not put a run of games together and the signs were not good after he picked up the toe injury around Xmas time.

This feels like the Laursen announcement int time for the last game of the season where we can say our goodbyes.

Freddie is a whole hearted player, always gave us his all and the joy on scoring his only goal against Newcastle two seasons ago will not be forgotten. Players like Freddie are rare, he left his heart on the pitch and despite his rocky injury plagued season he never lost the faith of the fans, few players can do that. It is so unfortunate we lost Laursen and Freddie in such a short space of time.

good luck in the future

12 comments on “Is a statement on Freddie due

  1. Ah thats a huge shame, a big fave of mine. I was at his debut under DOL, the less said about that match the better. But he was a great player for us for a good while, he’ll be sorely missed

  2. Absolute shame. but he may of read the villa forums around the time he got fit and decided not to bother. people on VT writ him off as 2nd rate.

  3. I don’t think he was 2nd rate jos we missed him but the inevitable after that dreadful injury was always going to happen at his age

  4. Really hope hes not retiring. Hes definitely one of my favourite players on the team. He has an incredible heart, never gives less than 100 percent. He was becoming a regular in the Holland team before the injury too. Its really is such a shame if he goes.

    I get extremely sad when i think.. he gave his career to get us through to the next round of a tournament which MON threw in the end. Forget about the circumstances. Wilfred may have lost his career over something we didnt even value! Almost brings me to tears..

  5. What is this statement about has he picked another injury i heard he was doing great in reserves and i heard he was in great shape!!!

  6. Shame for Freddie….were the club right in rewarding him with a new contract and pay rise while he was injured ? …. would it happen in any other sport ? or at a less sympathetic club ? I doubt it very much…But we are aston villa and we look after our lads !! (Herbert would be counting the insurance money in his sleep (to ss er)🙂

  7. Its a shame I always thought Freddie was a fantastic defender and was a key part of the team. Luckily we have replaced him well with Steven Warnock. I hope he doesn’t have to retire now but if he does then thanks and good luck to him.

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  9. reported that freddie is leaving once his contract expires

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