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This is the second leg after Villa drew 1-1 in the first leg

Reminder – away goals do not count

Villa team

Siegrist, Berry, Deeney, Devine, Williams, Blythe, Carruthers, Nelson-Addy, Poyser, Simmonds, Roberts. Substitutes: Johnson, Barrett, Halfhuid, Darkin, Dyer.


98 mins – FULL TIME – Villa lose in a final again, heartbreaking for the kids, we matched a supposed much better side all the way

96 mins – bad injury to Chelsea player with more extra time

90 mins – 4 mins extra time

88 mins – Halfuid on for Blythe and Chelsea hit the bar twice, the first another top quality save

84 mins – But Siegrist could do nothing about that shot

82 mins – world class keeping from Siegrist

77 mins – things settled down but Roberts booked for a clear foul

71 mins – Darkin on for the injured Williams and gone straight up front

66 mins – Chelsea now deserve to be level but looked offside from a cross but how I hate these commentators and the scum Terry and Cole in the crowd

63 mins – Chelsea shoot over

60 mins – Finally some pressure from us and two corners, but how much of these Chelsea commentators I can stand I can not say. There is bias and then there is this crap, Jack Woodward, mate after listening to these clowns you are Martin Tyler in comparsion !

52 mins – Another clear Chelsea chance missed from a corner, relentless pressure

50 mins – All Chelsea, lucky to still be in front


HALF TIME and despite Chelsea pressure Villa lead 1-0 thanks to a Poyser goal which was a well taken header

37 mins – Chelsea with most of the play to be fair

31 mins Poyser just scored with an header to put Villa 1-0 up

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