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Beat the Blues yet some still moan

Was it a penalty ? First reaction for me was that it was nailed on. Seen the incident since and yes Johnson got the ball but the touch was light and Gabby still had a very good chance and Johnson brought him down. Clear pen and to see the Bluenose’s whine after what the said […]

Harewood and Irish quartet, transfer speculation

The News of the World every week comes up with some gems doesn’t it ? First they say out of contract Marlon Harewood is off to Galatasaray or Al-Sadd on a free, who cares eh ? Then the big one for them is that they claim we are interested in the Irish Quartet, Stephen Ireland, […]

Is this the most important home game in years

Well is it ? It is against Blues, they know the pain of the 5-1 and will be trying their very best to make sure we get nothing from this game, 0-0 suits them down to the ground. The game against Blues no matter how some Villa fans disparage it it is always important. However […]

Part Two Complete – Blues next and 4th is ON with a WIN

Well part one was very good to watch, frankly part two the Arsenal/Man City game was a bore draw but that suits us right down to the ground Simple equation for tomorrow isn’t it A Win and 5th and joint points with Spurs with Man city still to play us and Spurs at the COMS. […]

Part One complete – COME ON YOU ARSE

Man United did the business today against Spurs with a 3-1 victory, not a great performance but for us all that matters is the result Now for Arsenal to go and beat Man City Then we all know a win against Blues will really tighten it up for us and be 5th just on goal […]

Acorns deal to end, we can be proud of what we did

The Evening Mail a story today which Villa basically confirmed the deal with Acorns is due to end this season. This deal was the first in British football and personally it made me very proud to be a Villa fan that we would for two years give free coverage to Acorns in partnership. It showed […]

Rob’s PREVIEW – Inbred’s visit to VP

It’s that time again, when all Villa fans have to don rubber gloves and facemasks to avoid contamination – yes, small heath are visiting B6. Now we all know it’s the biggest game in their history, the two games they play against us (when they are actually in our division), for us they are but […]


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