Rob’s PREVIEW – Inbred’s visit to VP

It’s that time again, when all Villa fans have to don rubber gloves and facemasks to avoid contamination – yes, small heath are visiting B6.
Now we all know it’s the biggest game in their history, the two games they play against us (when they are actually in our division), for us they are but a mere poodle turd on the bottom of our Premier League shoe.

Personally I don’t give a fuck about small heath the team – they are shit, always have been and always will be. They have had more luck than a bloke with two cocks this season. It’s their horrible, dirty, unwashed, knuckledragging, retarded, kiddy fiddling, web footed, sister shagging followers I can’t stand. If we beat small heath for a hundred games in a row, the Noses would still think they are gonna smash us in the next game. Thick as twenty planks they are. And they smell.

They have a repertoire of two songs – Wipe That Snot, and Shit On The Villa. That’s all we will get out of the pea brained morons. Only Millwall have a more reprehensible bunch of troglodytes as fans.
Yep, I’m not a fan of the Bordesley scum. In fact I’d like nowt better than if they went out of business, and left football in Brum to the class act that Villa have always been. But for now we’ll have to make do with taking maximum points frim the untermensch every season they are flukey enough to stay up.

Let’s have a look at some of their players (this should be fun)…..

In goal Joe Hart – on loan, and small heath can’t afford to buy him because they are so small time. They are already trying to loan him again next season. If you can’t afford to buy a player you shouldn’t be in this division you tossers.

In defence, three journeymen who have led a charmed existence this term, and Agent Ridgewell, who looks like he’s been bobbing for apples in a boiling chip pan.

Midfield – old bastards and rejects from poor teams and Scotland. And ex non leaguers.

Up front – Jizz Blob Jerome is their “saviour”, says how shit the rest are, and Choo Choo, the worst striker to play in the top flight for many a year.

If we don’t beat that load of garbage it’ll be a mystery the Large Hadron Collider team wouldn’t be able to work out.

Oh and let’s not forget new owner Egg Foo Yeung and his Charlie Chan Clan – I was sad when Filth Midget and Wolfie sold up, I didn’t know what I’d do for laughs. No need to worry though as the new lot are just as fucking comical. And all those plans of spending £40 million in January? They ended up with a sub standard Dago and Turncoat Gardner. Yes I forgot about him. I hope he’s prepared for the dogs abuse he’s going to get from all corners of Villa Park. Lying bullshitting fuckwad.

So bring ’em on………and here’s to another three points!

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21 comments on “Rob’s PREVIEW – Inbred’s visit to VP

  1. Muhahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa, where are you now, inbred scum? Thanks for another 6 points

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