Rob looking forward to the Blues, but good week

Well our last hope of grabbing 4th place well and truly disappeared as those horrible mockney bastards from Shite Hart Lane followed up their 2-1 win over Le Arse with an impressive victory against Chelsea by the same scoreline. I felt dirty wanting Chelscum to win but it was never going to happen. I laughed quite heartily when that pus-filled boil of a human, John Terry, gave away a penalty. And the laughing was increased later on as he got a red card. You deserve it SO fucking much Terry, you pathetic excuse for a homosapiens.


They needed drugs to keep everyone awake at the Sty as small heath settled for yet another 0-0 draw, this time against Hull. As you obviously know, we play these fucking horrible dirty unwashed inbreds next Sunday at our place………and I cannot in a million years see them scoring a goal against us. Only Wolves and Wigan have scored less on their own patch than these jokers. Hopefully next season they will get sussed and return to their rightful place in the league – bottom.


Scoreline: Wigan 0 Arsenal 2. And with ten minutes left to play you’d not find many people willing to put money on a comeback by the Pie Tasters. But come back they did, and a 3-2 win was a pretty remarkable turnaround. Arse wouldn’t have won the league anyway, but seeing their fans snivelling in their seats at the final whistle was more than satisfying. The Laughing Policeman was playing somewhere in the background…..especially when Arse Whinger wouldn’t concede the title race was beyond his Franco-Wankers. Hahahahahahahaa!


Watching Villa against Portsmouth at my old man’s gaff, I found it amusing that the commentator kept referring to Villa’s “outside chance of 4th place”. What a muppet. Villa fans wrote off 4th place quite a while ago. It’s only cabbages like SkyScumSport who keep mentioning it, hoping to give some sort of interest to a game that wasn’t of any great worth.
Still, I want us to finish as high as possible, above Liverplop hopefully, and a 2-1 win on the south coast was good enough for me, even if the performance was a bit ragged. John Carew scored his 16th of the season, and also missed his first penalty in 6 attempts. We should have had two more penalties but yet another clueless referee decided he was only going to award one spot kick, whatever the evidence. At least we got to see Delfouneso score his first league goal, and very well taken it was too.


Wet Spam are lucky bastards. Lucky that Hull and Burnley are so shit, or the Bubble Blowers would be cast iron certs for the drop. How funny that would be, since PornoDwarf and Werewolf Gold have only recently took over. Last night they not only bent over and proffered their ringpiece to Liverpool, they fucking lubed it up as well. Plop won 3-0 without breaking sweat. Fat Spanish Waiter probably thinks 4th is still on. He’s more deluded than their phlegmy followers.


Well that was enjoyable. Hull 0 Villa 2 and we were never in any kind of danger. It was a great team performance, but the defence were back to their best…..Dunney and in particular Big Red Collins were superb. Gabby scored a top drawer opener and from the 13th minute I just knew this game was in the bag. James Milner put it beyond doubt with a 75th minute penalty after great work from John Carew. Even the ref was pretty decent for a change. Apart from not sending that horrible fucktard Fagan off. He was niggling at our players all night, and when he eventually picked up a yellow he should have been getting a red. Typical ex-small heath retard. The lower leagues will probably suit him though, and that’s where Hull look destined for. Shame for the rest of their team but what did they expect? Sacking Tango Brown is all well and good but appointing Face Ache Dowie in his place? Guaranteed to not win another game if you ask me, he is a shite manager.


Only 3 days rest for the boys, and then it’s small heath’s Cup Final – playing a decent team at a quality venue is a big day out for the knuckledraggers. No doubt they will sing their two songs ad nauseum………let’s ram it down their throats boys, dirty syphilitic scummers.
Oh and a word of warning – if you’re in the Lower North and don’t like bad language you’d better bring earplugs because I am going to give Gardner such a fucking verbal hammering, he won’t know what day it is (he probably doesn’t anyway because he’s a thick wanker)

5 comments on “Rob looking forward to the Blues, but good week

  1. Rob,
    As usual, you leave me with a broad grin after reading your typically irreverent, expletive-overloaded weekly diary tripe! You certsainly like to get stuck in, especially when it comes to the Small Heath crew!
    Without a doubt you’re the best blogger in the business – at least of those that I have the (mis)fortune to read! And I pray that you continue in such a rich vein of form.
    Talking of form, I pray also that “the lads” continue in their present rich vein and pull off a shock 4th place! We can but dream…. 10 points out of 12 would look even better if we were able to make it 19 points out of 21!
    I look forward to your next diary instalment with avid anticipation!

  2. What Rick said. Seriously though, this is a very good blog. A proper supporters blog. Good work Rob, and Up The Villa.

  3. thanks guys try to reflect all views on here

  4. Great blog mate – the only thing I hate about this game is the fact that this shit from small heath can sing there shit at us for a couple of minutes and then we twat there team and there fucking silence

    UTV – SOTC

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