Lets look back – Aston Villa 5 Birmingham City 1

Well the big one for many of us is close, some Villa fans call us that think this is a major game small minded but for me living in Birmingham and many others, this game is the yearly chance to shut those from the other side up.

Therefore after a disaster when they returned after mistakes, cock ups and plain right disgraceful performances. So if I want to reflect on the game for me it is the one that put things right, the one we will always remember.

Bare facts

20th April 2008


goals from Carew (2), Young (2), Gabby

So almost two years to the day we can reflect on the best day at Villa Park possibly since the Tranmere game.

The whole day was perfect, from a unnamed pub (don’t want everyone to know it !!), great beer and company, good ride to the game, nice burger (seriously).

Then I stood up all game to watch a total thrashing from the first minute to the last, a game which made heroes of the 11, made sure the fiasco of 03/03/03 was put aside, a game which took the pain of 4 successive defeats all away.

It is easy to list all that went right but you felt in the ground the first derby under the new era was different we have hope, desire and a total belief in all of us.

After the game took ages to get out, did we care, heck we did, one massive party, carried on into the pubs around North Birmingham and around the club the whole season.

It means that much, always did

If you any stories from this or any other Blues games please e-mail me on ianrobo1@virginmail.com

4 comments on “Lets look back – Aston Villa 5 Birmingham City 1

  1. My own favourite memory apart from Enckleman’s magic own goal or dopey dublins sending off was Stern Johns classy last minute goal in our 2-2 ‘win’. Magic days. May they return soon.

  2. Matt – your a bluenose twat I expect – I wouldn’t be looking forward to Sunday because your shit team are going to be twatted by the mighty Villa – Now fuck off to you own shitty site and crawl under a stone you knucledragging wanker

  3. he is actually my mate Steve !!

    still carries the scars of 2 years ago with him🙂

  4. Thank you for your kind comments Steve! Im not looking forward to Sunday as I think Villa will win but I live in hope that Gardner or Ridgewell can bang in a late winning goal. Knowing Ridgewell though it will probably be in our own net!

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