Carlos Cuellar on Facebook

Carlos has a presence on Twitter as discussed before but he seems to have two facebook pages

Official Facebook and has some very good photos from the League cup final from family and friends.

League Cup Final

and some good Villa related photo’s here

There is also another facebook page but I reckon this appears to be a fake. (EDIT – apparently it is not a fake)

We should see more players try this but it seems they get themselves into too much trouble, see Darren Bent on Twitter and facebook and James Collins on Twitter.

8 comments on “Carlos Cuellar on Facebook

  1. The other one you listed isn’t a fake…he’s used that all along and uploaded pictures on there before the first one you linked to.

  2. cheers Rich, his official one has only 143 fans though !

  3. 143!!! for carlos cuellar, thats loads!! considering he is the most pathetic right back in the premierleague.

  4. He’s not a right back though is he tom t?

  5. gonzo hey buddy!

    tom t- stfu.
    if u knew anything it would be that carlos is by far our best defender all season and he has been played out of position.

    go be a band wagoner and follow manure or liverscum.

  6. tom t, are you mad?

    Cuellar has been integral in being part of the best defence in the prem, even though he’s playing RB.

    Who didn’t play when we got caned by Chelsea, but put in a decent performance on Saturday?
    (SS and Vital had him as our third best player)

    I’m getting bloody sick of hearing how crap Cuellar is at RB, because it’s just utter bollocks imo.

    (Badger, for all you readers of the fool that writes that certain Villa blog ;-))

  7. with you there Villan, he negated Malouda’s influence on Sat and compare to how Young was torn apart ?

    problem is that he is not very good attacking but getting better

    • Cuellar’s biggest problem that gets highlighted is the fact that he can’t kick a ball up the line without it going out.

      And I agree, it’s schoolboy stuff and needs putting right.
      By the same token, I agree, it’s getting better.

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