Webb the referee for Semi Final

It as been confirmed that England’s ‘top ref’ Howard Webb is the referee for the semi final on Saturday.

He has been dodgy recently but can he really be worse than Dowd was ?

5 comments on “Webb the referee for Semi Final

  1. No but me grandma could do better than dowd but tht doesnt mean shes any good, plus she doesnt even know the rules, lets hope that chelsea get the bad decisions against them but that is unlikely because of the london and top 4 teams biasedness

  2. Stevie Wonder & Ray Charles could do a better job that that yellow kneed tosser Dowd who basically shit out at Wembley frightened to upset SirMoanalot.
    Webb dropped a few goolie’s on Sunday and missed a few definate Penalties…same again Saturday Howard please stop fat Frank bagging another hatfull. But we’ll take a couple…..I fancy a win too !!

    • Phil Dowd is a good referee and he knows what he did wasn’t the correct decision but nevertheless he’s a good referee.

      • Dowd a good ref , u having a laugh or ru a blue nose !!!

        • actually Mike, I was happy with Dowd before the game but once he bottled the major call then we were never going to get anything

          Webb is the best but has had a few dodgy games recently, hope we do OK by him

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