The race for 4th is NOT over

Back in February I posted a blog on our prospects for 4th at the time the table was

4 Man City 25 45
5 Liverpool 26 44
6 Tottenham 26 43
7 Aston Villa 25 42

Now it stand as, so you can see that the differences are quite small over the past6/7 games and if we were in the hunt back then we are now

4 Man City 32 19 59
5 Tottenham 32 26 58
6 Liverpool 33 21 55
7 Aston Villa 32 12 54

So lets look at the fixtures then

33 14.04.2010 Everton home 34 18.04.2010 Portsmouth away 35 21.04.2010 Hull City away 36 25.04.2010 Birmingham City home 37 01.05.2010 Manchester City away 38 09.05.2010 Blackburn Rovers home

34 11.04.2010 Fulham home 35 19.04.2010 West Ham United home 36 24.04.2010 Burnley away 37 01.05.2010 Chelsea home 38 09.05.2010 Hull City away

Man City
33 11.04.2010 Birmingham City home 34 17.04.2010 Manchester United home 35 24.04.2010 Arsenal away 36 01.05.2010 Aston Villa home 37 05.05.2010 Tottenham Hotspur home 38 09.05.2010 West Ham United away

33 14.04.2010 Arsenal home 34 17.04.2010 Chelsea home 35 24.04.2010 Manchester United away 36 01.05.2010 Bolton Wanderers home 37 05.05.2010 Manchester City away 38 09.05.2010 Burnley away

It is clear Spurs have the hardest ones left, Man City narrowly behind this then probably us with Liverpool behind us. there hope is not lost, based on the fixtures I see no way spurs can finish 4th but they could still scupper Man City, Liverpool should be very close to 4th but their form is all over the place and then there is us and who knows about that ?

However the dream scenario is that we could go to the COMS with a draw being enough or at worse knowing a win could boost us above them and presumably into 4th. what it shows is that there is no need to give up hope and that should be from the players, manager and most of all the fans !!

5 comments on “The race for 4th is NOT over

  1. I posted my prediction recently as you no doubt saw and I’m not as confident as you, but yes, it’s still possible given the way everyone has dropped stupid points.

    It’s definitely not over, as you say.

  2. think about the 25th April, look at the fixtures until then, what we are saying is not impossible

  3. as much as it galls me, i’d rather spurs finish 4th over city – if city were to get it, it would consolidate & stabilise them – they’d atttract even bigger names & cement a place in the top 4 ad nauseum. at least if spurs get it, we can always bank on them capitulating at some point.

  4. Did a BBC predictor earlier with no cheating (going back and changing results for better!) and had

    Villa 68 pts
    Man City 67 pts
    Spurs 66 pts
    Liverpool 65 pts

    I was surprised. Obviously this means nothing in the real world but interesting. It should be a great last few weeks – Villa are furthest behind on worst form but have the easiest fixtures, Liverpool slightly ahead with relatively easy fixtures but with UEFA cup distraction, Spurs and Man City have very hard run ins and Man City play Spurs and Villa before the end of the season! I’d say expect the unexpected, but Villa are by no means out of it and could surprise a few people. I honestly have no idea any more. Over the past week I’ve thought to myself it will definitely be man city. no wait it will be liverpool. hang on villa should do it. All sense has gone out the window! Just hope villa come out of the madness on top!

  5. Jonesy you forgot the fact tht liverpool have to play chelsea and are also only one point ahead and we have a game in hand, on paper we should be favourites or second favorites at least to man city but somehow i dont think theyll do it an think well come in through the back door and grab it:)

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