Assorted pictures from years back

Following on from Rob’s last pictures he allowed me to post, he has sent some further in. These pictures show reserve games from the 60’s to some further 80’s players photos, some of the picture quality is not that good but images I like, so enjoy.

If you have any pictures you would like to send to me then please e-mail me at ianrobo@sky.com

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6 comments on “Assorted pictures from years back

  1. I can’t see a way to view them Ian?????

  2. Got them now.


  3. a ‘technical hitch’ as they say !!

  4. Nice photos that remind me of when players were more approachable.

    Denis Mortimer gave me a lift in his Mk 11 Escort estate(!) from BMH to Minworth (when the old Midland Red 110/192 only ran about once a week), in the pre-season when we won the league:-)

    Imagine that nowadays?

    Change isn’t the word😦

  5. It’s also why I have the utmost respect for the bloke:-)

  6. Loving all the pics

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