James Collins Twitter feed has been deleted

As posted on Saturday, James Collins on his Twitter feed apologised for the performance and the response was positive to this, no one saw anything controversial in what he said.

However it looks like someone at Villa was not happy and now his twitter feed has been deleted.

That is a shame as the communication on Saturday actually i my view brought the players closer to how the fans felt.

5 comments on “James Collins Twitter feed has been deleted

  1. Its MON.

    He would have decided that, typical petty response from MON nobody crosses him etc etc

  2. Typical reply – lets all blame MON – always so negative. You have no basis for this assumption I take it , only your own opinion?

  3. I love the way everyone thinks the whole world is about to explode since this weekend. So many knee jerk reactions to everything i’ve read, even the first comment above lol. MON OUT!! MON OUT! People need to calm down a bit.

    I think it was nice what James said in his post, however perhaps the media branch of AVFC didnt like it – no need to point the finger at MON without proof!

  4. it is a shame, I liked his feed and his twitter relationship with his Mrs’s makes the player more real and accessible to the fans

  5. We all saw what happened with Darren Bent and lord knows which other players yabbing away on Twitter.
    Players are supposed to only give pre-approved interviews re club matters, and this was definitely club and not personal business.
    Nice sentiment from a good professional but we all know what one misplaced word can do.

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