Is Delph OUT for the season

Fabian Delph would have been perfect over the past two weeks but has been missing from a bench. MON has said it is unspecified foot injury but this from H&V indicates a season ending injury

Heard from a colleague at work (who is involved behind the scenes at VP on matchadys) that he saw Delph before the Sunderland game and his foot was in plaster.

Was this done in training because this quote back from February now looks like MON has second vision

“Occasionally he has to be reminded that I need the players here!,” joked O’Neill on the subject of his feisty 20-year-old midfielder. “I don’t need him putting four boys in the treatment room to prove that he can tackle, he can save that for match-day.
“He leaves the foot in and he’s competitive, there’s no question about that. He’s not shy of putting a challenge in for someone so slight. So from that score, I wouldn’t have a problem with him.
“It’s one thing to keep that attitude, and another to curb it because you are liable to get booked once or twice.
“More importantly at the this minute, is that he hasn’t actually really learned the art of tackling properly so he often leaves himself open to being injured.

Big blow to Villa that he is out especially at the same time as NRC with also a foot injury, you have to query if training is too hard.

5 comments on “Is Delph OUT for the season

  1. poor guy…

    hopefully its not too serious!

    hope him and Gary make a fast recovery!😉

  2. Rumours on some message boards say he is suspended for falling out with MON…But then again after such a hammering at Chel$ki and people clamouring for heads to roll its amazing how these so called fall outs get into the public domain..Nows the chance for O’neill to earn his so called £3M per year..Some reckon he will walk by the end of May !! The bookies wont give you a price on it !!

  3. There were rumours going around a few months ago, that he wasn’t at all happy with his lot at VP, the story goes that he was expecting to be involved more,

    Well, all he had to do was ask NRC about that before signing, and maybe Luke Young, or Shorey,,,,,,I could go on.

  4. he’s fallen out with MON by all accounts , as has Curtis, Bouma and fair few others
    Personally I can’t say I’d blame them the way they have been treated by this so called Man manager!

    sooner he goes the better!

  5. so V57 has he been forced to wear a cast then ?

    no seriously we had all these ‘rumours’ this time last year, all proved to be rubbish then

    how as Bouma and davies been treated badly then , both long term injuries

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