Birmingham fans banned at Villa Park – Support the SUSD campaign

Following on from Liverpool fans were banned at Villa Park for persistent standing it has now come to light that Blues for the derby game have had their allocation restricted to 2,300 a loss of some 600 fans.

For this I fully sympathise with our neighbours. At st Andrews we always stand yet the same local authority does not restrict our numbers and frankly it is a disgrace they have targeted Villa Park 3 times in this season for this offence yet at Blues not once. Do the Man U and Liverpool fans just stand at Villa Park, nah course not.

Of course I wrote a letter to our MP’s about this and apart from one (Roger Godsiff) no other local MP bothered to reply this, this is a such a political impasse on this as the MP’s are afraid to take on the status quo and perceived special interests.

There please support the new standing campaign as per the links below

Sign the SUSD petition, already 13,000 have


6 comments on “Birmingham fans banned at Villa Park – Support the SUSD campaign

  1. tough on them !! NOT…I hope we charge them the same or even more than the £49 I had to pay to go into the Stye earlier this year and every year they have been in the PL we have always had to pay top $…The wolves fans boycotted VP last week cos we were charging them £40,,,I paid £39 to go into Molineux…Tough at the top ay it lads ??? Yet we sold out at both grounds Where would our midlands minnow clubs be without The Villa ???

  2. wazz, missed the point the council could do the same to us at the sty, you want there to be 600 fans less there ?

    forget the rivalry we are all football fans and this is clearly nonsense

  3. I wont retract on my comments ianrobo but I do see your point…I am having a pop at the owners of the unwashed and the dingles….There morals and decency are about as low as whale poo !! Oh and dont say the new owners are any different…Ive paid top $ every year…


  4. I won;t defend them Wazz, but remember they now get charged £43 at VP

    we are all too high

    • Still £6 cheaper than having to enter stydome and having to endure the Coventry Rd scene year in year out..Concur on all the prices are far too high….

  5. Tough on them, I’d have their heads shaved and castrate them as they entered the home of football.

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