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Birmingham Mail get it totally wrong

Been a lot of fuss today on the forums about MON’s comments about us which I addressed here The Birmingham Mail got in the act with a story entitled “Fair weather fans not welcome says Martin O’Neil’ However within a few hours this was changed to “Martin O’Neil determined reward loyal fans” Bit of a […]

No women’s Premier League team – a mistake

The teams for the newly formed Women’s Premier League have been announced, they are Lincoln, Liverpool, Arsenal, Birmingham City, Bristol Academy, Chelsea, Doncaster Belles and Everton. It is not clear if we applied but as a club who long supported the Aston Villa Ladies team and as part of the community we should have been […]

1963 – Hit by Ice but the signs of a big freeze to come

With hopes raised by the promise of “Mercer’s Minors”, the Villa faithful trooped down to Villa Park to watch the two opening games against the very respectable sides of West Ham and Spurs. The outcome was two fine wins to the Villa, and the one against Spurs was even more significant as Spurs were still […]


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