Are Villa fans too ungrateful and impatient

Or should that be how demanding are we ?

24 hours after the game ad after reading the forums with the usual negative views out in full flow I have to totally agree with MON when he said

“Maybe they are not happy with a Carling Cup final appearance and FA Cup semi-final appearance and still battling for the Champions League with nine games left.

Yes at times as I posted yesterday it was very frustrating and no one feels that more than myself. I am desperate for Delfouneso to start and desperate for him to come on as sub however I am not paid £3m a
year like MON to make these decisions and by his subs yesterday he made the right ones to get a draw.

The season still has an hell of a long way to go and by jeering when we do not see a sub we want when we are chasing and dominating the game is very disrespectful to the great work MON has done with the club and team in his 4 years here.

I make no excuse for saying I am a firm 100% fan of MON, no manager get things right but I remember the desperate straits that the club was in the summer of 2006. I have never been one to want quick fixes and I prepared to wait and be patient, in my humble view, we all should be.

I mean look at this figures (thanks to post on H&V)

Since 01/01/10

Liverpool 10 5 3 2 12 5 +7 18
Tottenham 10 5 3 2 13 7 +6 18
Man City 9 4 3 2 15 9 +6 15
Villa 9 3 6 0 12 6 +6 15

Not exactly doom and gloom is it ?

The lesson of Man U’s dominance is clear, a clear belief and reliance and judgement on manager who did not win anything for 4-5 years but built the club up from top to bottom to build for long lasting success.

Besides what is success, 4th or semi-final and finals of cups ?

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35 comments on “Are Villa fans too ungrateful and impatient

  1. Heskey didn’t knock it to Carew. He knocked it to Sidwell who would of scored but for Carews whisker touch.

    Petrov was a load of pants again. Get a better box to box midfielder with Milner and our strikers will get chances other than up the wings and cross it. Every team in the league knows exactly how we are going to attack and set themselves up to defend. We hardly ever attack any other way.

  2. It works both ways, MON. O’leary’s days were numbered as soon as he called the fans fickle.

  3. If we had the money and owners Man City have I dread to think what some of our fans would be like; can you imagine O’Neill on the fairway getting a text through that Randy’s bought Robinho? that would be amusing…

    I’ve always been proud to be a Villa fan but since MON arrived and for a the first time in a long while I’ve enjoyed it. I think back to when he joined, we asked Celtic fans on a forum what to expect. One comment that springs to mind was along the lines of: “You’ll get frustrated with the lack of signings, realise he has his favourites and tactically some of his decisions are bizarre… but you are in for one hell of a ride”.

    Looking at things now compared to where I thought we might be, I’m surprised with the average age of our team, I thought around the time we got Agathe and Sutton we were going to end up with Brad Friedel and 10 Neil Lennons (14 including the bench). And the other thing about our lteam is that the core players look like they are in it for the long haul. I am not worried like I have been in previous seasons that we are going to get stripped of our top performers by the so-called top 4. We have a young group of footballers that play their hearts out for their Manager, call it robots or whatever but I think that O’Neill calls the shots, the players that matter know it and so far we’ve done better than we did last season, look stronger through MOST of the team and O’Neill is going to be here to add that striker or playmaker to the team come summer.

    Hats off to Randy Lerner… I think that Randy has given O’Neill full control and regardless of how good a team is, I always feel a bit sorry when a decent Manager ‘loses the dressing room’ to player power. You see it every time – players stop trying, slowly they get worse, the pressure is on the board, the Manager is sacked those same players start performing brilliantly once he’s gone. Personally I’d love to see Luke Young playing football for us and haven’t got a clue why he’s not playing. There’s got to be a reason for it, it might be as simple as ‘I trust him to do exactly what I tell them to do and the other two don’t listen’.

    We dropped two points against Wolves and if we hadn’t as usual we’d all be discussing the genius that is Martin O’Neill. You can do what you want with the stats, especially ours, but the bottom line is that we are a better team than Liverpool this year, and they have Gerrard, Torres, Mascherano and some £20m gadge in their team. And they can’t win at Old Trafford.

    I was dreaming at work today and looking at Man U’s ‘goals scored column’. By putting their extra goal difference (one extra goal per game) on our results so far we’d be 5 points clear of them at the top right now. A useless, time-consuming excercise I know, but it’s nice to be actually dreaming for a change. And who knows, maybe 20 prem goals next year from Heskeys replacement and another 10 from midfield…

    I haven’t posted anything for so long so please forgive the ramble, I might as well add well done to Martin O’Neill and Randy and the success we’ve had so far. It might not be as much as we would have liked but they’ve earned every bit of it along the way, given us some stability off the pitch, some cracking results against the Sky 4, improved our standing in the eyes of fans generally along the way, given us easy, Director-level Communication (call it PR, propaganda or whatever, moan to the General about the warmth of your Balti pie at half time and I bet you get a response…even if it is one telling you to eat it before kick off) and there’s plenty of fans out there who would swap their Manager and half of their players for Martin O’Neill.

    We went into a final against the best team in the land and thought they were beatable, the same to come soon at Wembley against the second best team in the land, and if we lose we lose but we are going in there thinking they are beatable. If we finish 6th again I won’t be calling for his head, but I will be disappointed as a fan…but I remember after the first game of the season my facebook status saying “2 FUCKING NIL against WIGAN? Never mind Europe RELEGATION MORE LIKE”.

    It is one hell of a ride…my guess (which is all you can do with O’Neill) is that he knows what he is doing, he just doesn’t give a fuck what the players or fans think, he’s doing what he thinks is best for Aston Villa in the long term rather than short. I suppose a bit like when he had Gabby on the wing for a while. I remember thinking it was bizarre at the time, but I also think he’s a better player for it.

    Those who think he’s taken us as far as we can go, I think you are wrong, but if he gets us to 4th and doesn’t sign the likes of Babel, Sneijder, Drenthe, van Bommel, all these types of name player that we get “realistically” linked to by Villa fans then he is on a hiding to nothing. I bet we will be asking for £100m for the kitty and Mourinho.

    I’d be very happy with 4th place, another Cup Final, Darren Bent and Tim Cahill during the Summer… though I wouldnt be surprised if Bent hadn’t kicked a ball and Tim Cahill was up front on his own come November. You tell me whether that’s accepting 2nd best, because quite frankly I haven’t got a clue.

    5th and a trip to Wembley would be progress….its shit…but it’s progress. I suppose we have to boo someone because we can’t boo the players for not trying anymore.

    Some hard work by Ron Saunders laid a foundation for a few very successful years which has distorted our sense of success, and I think we might be on the very edge of that distortion once again. This time we might get to build on it instead of having it dismantled by an old bastard.

    I heard a rumour that when O’neill arrived at Villa he had pictures of the team of ’82 put up at the training ground. Is this true? in fact, don’ t tell me, I like the dream🙂

  4. “Some hard work by Ron Saunders laid a foundation for a few very successful years”

    older readers may confirm this but in 1978-79 wasn’t Ron Saunders having the same kind of criticism, we had stalled, Gray and Gidman had been sold but he had faith in his own abilities and that of the up and coming Shaw and got the final jigsaw piece in Withe.

    the parallels are uncanny are they not ?

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