Are Villa fans too ungrateful and impatient

Or should that be how demanding are we ?

24 hours after the game ad after reading the forums with the usual negative views out in full flow I have to totally agree with MON when he said

“Maybe they are not happy with a Carling Cup final appearance and FA Cup semi-final appearance and still battling for the Champions League with nine games left.

Yes at times as I posted yesterday it was very frustrating and no one feels that more than myself. I am desperate for Delfouneso to start and desperate for him to come on as sub however I am not paid £3m a
year like MON to make these decisions and by his subs yesterday he made the right ones to get a draw.

The season still has an hell of a long way to go and by jeering when we do not see a sub we want when we are chasing and dominating the game is very disrespectful to the great work MON has done with the club and team in his 4 years here.

I make no excuse for saying I am a firm 100% fan of MON, no manager get things right but I remember the desperate straits that the club was in the summer of 2006. I have never been one to want quick fixes and I prepared to wait and be patient, in my humble view, we all should be.

I mean look at this figures (thanks to post on H&V)

Since 01/01/10

Liverpool 10 5 3 2 12 5 +7 18
Tottenham 10 5 3 2 13 7 +6 18
Man City 9 4 3 2 15 9 +6 15
Villa 9 3 6 0 12 6 +6 15

Not exactly doom and gloom is it ?

The lesson of Man U’s dominance is clear, a clear belief and reliance and judgement on manager who did not win anything for 4-5 years but built the club up from top to bottom to build for long lasting success.

Besides what is success, 4th or semi-final and finals of cups ?

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35 comments on “Are Villa fans too ungrateful and impatient

  1. I would never boo Mon or any Villa Player and used to be one of his biggest fans but i dont think he thinks much of the Villa Fans and definitely doesn’t respect our opinions . As i said i used to be one of his biggest fans and i would love him to stay if he pulled his finger out of his r’s and started playing players in there correct position (and shot Heskey)

    • a cmon jlh use u mind for crying out loud look how far we ve come in the last 4years when martin o neil came2villa in 2006 we was miles behind chelsea arsenal man u we still a bit behind but i do feel we are catching up all the time i mean just look how far behind liverpool we was in 2006 an look at how far we are behind them 2day this is the best villa them ive seen in the last 10 to 15 years thanks 2 randy an MON i hate to see fans boo players are mon there not true villa fans atALL LOOK WE lost 1 final 2 the best team in england man u where in the semi finals of fa cup have a good as chance as anyone to finish in top 4 lets lose the crap an get behind the team NOW THEY NEED US MORE THEN EVER IN THE next 4 to 8 weeks lets stick togeter VILLA FOR EVER JjJOE IRELAND

      • I thought i was using my mind .. I didn’t think i was too critical of Mon and said i would love him to stay but i think we have come as far as we are going to with Mon. we are still miles behind Chelsea Arsenal and Manure .We sacrificed a 1-0 lead against Manure but thats ok because were not expected to compete with “good” teams . I love the Villa and have done for about 40 years and this is one of the best group of players Ive seen here .. but its not the best team because a lot of the time they are not playing to the best of there abilities because they are not organised properly . I would love it if we beat Chelsea in the semi but cant see it happening (but thats ok with Mons robots because Chelsea are a good team) in fact we have a very good chance of ending up with nothing this year . I hate to see Villa players getting booed as well . If we win the Cup or finish 4th .. Great .. i will be overjoyed but its slipping away , but i apologize for not using my mind and will not bother you with my mindless thoughts again .

        • jlh whatever u say look these are the facts sence mon been at villa or gate has gone up 20 25 per cent each year also are league place ns have gone up about 60 or 70 per cent in 4years we have gone from about 15th 16th in league 2 a top 6 or top5 or maybe even top 4 for the record we beat man u 1 0 this year we beat liverpool 3 1 we beat chelsea 2 1 we lost 2 -1 to won of the best teams in the world in carling cup final that by the way beat ac milan of the park the other week an then aresnal in the league we all so drew with man u at home u are trying 2 tell me we are miles behind the top 3 well if we are 4 years ago we must of been in a right mess I SEEM TO REMBER US LAST SEASON BATTERING ARESNAL at home an somehow drawing the game 2-2 also beating them 2 -0 away from home an spending 90per cent of the season looking down on them but for the last 7or 8 games we could have done it so where not that far behind them WAKE UP AN SMELL THE coffee what have the great liverpool an aresnal won in the last few years NOT A LOT look the truth of the matter is in martin o neil came 2 villa we was 10 PLAYERS SHORT OF A GOOD TEAM NOW WE ARE ABOUT 3 PLAYERS SHORT OF BEEN A GREAT an by the way we still can win fa cup an finish in top 4 if SOME VILL FANS DONT COME 2 THERE FULL SENCES THEN there going 2 destroy everything we have build as 1 big happy family in the last 4 years lets get behind villa an leave the crap out ontill atleast the end of may an lets ban any fan for 1year that boos a player or manger they or not true villa MEN what a discrace usless 2 are cause an i mean THAT com on the VILLA

  2. to be fair JLH I think he finds all fans a bit f a pain and a neccessary evil

    I have no problem with boos at the end of the game, of course there were no boos during the game as such but people can not understand certain choices (Luke Young the most obvious one) but he gets paid for that and he lives or dies by the targets Randy set out for him, whch we have no idea on.

  3. I agree 100%. This needed to be said. Thankyou.

  4. Well the fans pay their money etc, but I agree it was harsh as I don’t think we played particularly badly.
    As you suggest, it shows how the level of expectation has risen massively.
    I for one think it’s been a great season, regardless of how it finishes.

  5. Grow up people. Mon does not have to respect the fans opinions. He is paid to manage the team not play mr popular. He don’t give a damn about what the fans think and fair play to him.
    I can only hope that mon realises that the vast majority of die hard villans don’t jeer or boo but the jeers are mostly coming from the type of supporter who is short sighted and turns up for the odd game here and there, thinking it gives him the right to critisize and play football manager.

  6. i think it showed frustration not disrespect. Wolves at home, for 10-15 teams in the league is rightly seen as a home win, obviously with villa one of those teams.

    The frustration comes from a number of places; cuellar playing at right back when luke young is fit and on the bench, heskey playing upfront with carew, despite the blatant fact they cant play together, and maybe most importantly, that maybe MON has taken us as far as he can.

    With carew the onyl fit first team striker there was two clear options for the wolves game: play 1 up front and give the midfield extra bite, giving the wingers more space, or give the fonz a go. If you cant play a 20 yr old striker at home, vs a team near the bottom when can you?

    Mon im afraid is tactically inept, constantly makes substitutions 25mins after they should have happened, relying on stamina as a game winner. In my opinion we need coaches who can coach more than fitness and teamwork, we need to quadruple our scouting base and we need to realise that without these we will never be a top 4 team.

    • Couldn’t agree more ! Cuellar at right back is about as useful as a chocolate fire guard ! An absolute embarassment, he is out of his depth at No2 bring Luke Young in asap…2 right backs on the sub bench who must wonder what the hell they have to do to oust the spanish flop !….sort it out MON

  7. exactly Villan, expectation is everything. We want to be top 4 but we are not paying top 4 wages and can not afford to have their squad size.

    MON has his faults but are people really saying a right back would turn draws into wins ?

    lets remind people of how many games we have lost in 2010 ?

    who knows, Randy may have demanded top 4 this season and sack MON but we know that is highly unlikely

    • How many have we won oh is that three prem games im three months, top 4 here we come!!! In december we won 4 games but in three months havnt won that amount i thibk thats a problem m8

  8. We do not pay top 4 wages because we do not have Champs league money yet. I too get frustrated by not rotating players, not starting some of our young uns or not taking risks.

    BUT you look at how lambasted MON is when we draw, god knows what would happen if he took a risk, played one of the young uns and then we lost.

    I agree with ianrobo. We have lost 5 games all season which is great. And I refuse to believe that MON and Randy spent so much money and effort building the best defence in the league last summer and not do anything about the attack this. I think they have a plan to build the attack force this summer and we will improve.

    As I said in another forum: unless you are in the Big 4 Wembley appearances are rare as hens teeth and we have 2 and counting. Lets all be patient and if you want instant reward, go and join the queue of tourists and plastics at Old Trafford.

  9. totally agree Balti and if you want instant success, check City out, hmmmm

    this summer, we need only to get attackers, maybe only one, depends who leaves of course

  10. I’m not sure it’s a matter of wanting instant success, it’s more a matter of wanting to see a team, that has taken the manager over 3 seasons to put together, show they can perform over 90 or so minutes, and get a result, not scramble for a draw against a side fighting relegation.

    MON rightly said, that for the first 20 minutes they were outstanding, but after that, it was downhill all the way, supporters were frustrated by what seemed the lack of urgency by the manager to change things, early in the second half, it was obvious tactics should be changed, and substitutions were needed.

    The question should be asked, is Martin O’Neill himself frustrated by how to change things, when his first choice11 aren’t getting it right? Is he becoming stubborn in the face of criticism about his team selections? Something is certainly not right about his unwillingness to react.

    As for the booing at the end, I would never do it, but it’s a supporters right, if he does not want booing, all he needs to do is get it right, after all, he’s had nearly 4 seasons😉

  11. How much of the progress made is down to ONeill, and how much is down to Randy’s £160m? Has ONeill really learned the lessons from last season? We will see.

    No-one expects instant success, but 4 years isnt instant, not by any stretch. 4 years is longer than most managers get in a job, it is reasonable, given the expenditure, to have expected more from a manager with ONeill’s reputation in this time frame.

  12. I have not been to villa park in years due to distance and age but never booed the players or the manager ect when i did all that time ago;and if circumstances were favourable now i would most certainly attend if i was able to obtain the entrance feewhich is ludicress in truth.However who ever said MON does not have to respect the fans is just plain insane if everyone stopped away he would soon change his mind and want them onboard again.Yes you require a strong manager in any given situation but NOT one who is totaly ignorant to othes views especialy the fans who regularly attend home and away regardless how they obtain the entrance fees ect .Mons had 4 years now and spent milions and in truth mick macathys wolves were always in the hunt yesterday and they have had hardly anything to spend , so no wonder some of the fans were not happy when compairing both teams and respective efforts.I have always liked MON be it at leister and celtic and now villa .but he needs to open his some times narrow tunnel vision and embrace the genuine supporters and their views instead of just dismissing them as if they are of no importancewhen they decide to air their views. The manager and supporters alike should pull together and unite aston villa football club not pull apart and hinder it..UP THE VILLA

  13. In answer to the question…….Yes, Yes and YES………….PATHETIC fans with no understanding of the game…..

  14. and thats why we cant and wont hang on to our best players…..and as for MON who better are we going to get????? love him or lose him……keep the faith

  15. key point imavillain, unless there is someone there better, then any talk of him going (that is very remote and only from a vocal few) is remote

  16. imo MON is the best manager we have had for years…arguably since Ron Saunders…..some of his tactics and substitutions are, lets say puzzling to us masses…..but he is the manager, he knows the players and he is the one who has given us year on year progress….3 years ago we were hanging on for our premiership lives now for 2 years we have been vying for 4th…..our supporters need to take a reality check

  17. indeed mate but i understand why some get jittery but still all to play for when you look at the fixtures

    • Ian

      As you know better than anyone, this place where we are as a football club is very dangerous. Like in 2000, we are close, but not that close, and thats a very frustrating place to be. Good, but not good enough. Like in 2000, we have a manager who has spent quite some cash recovering from a bad situation that he inherited. In 2000 fans got impatient that Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal were moving away from us, now fans are concerned that Spurs and Man City might just have overtaken us too. Like in 2000, this worry is compounded by us appearing to tighten our belts and “settle” for top 6 rather than really pushing on from that to the next level. In 2000 we finished sixth and got to the FA Cup Final., a very similar position to now. In 2000 these worries were enough to spark major fan protests that echoed on for six years or so in one form or another. All thats changed, for me, is that some fans nowadays are just glad its not Doug and O’Leary and anything is better than that. Lowered expectations from some I think, combined with this quite odd worship of a manager who has done nothing of significant note anywhere outside Scotland. Is sixth really good enough? Well, its about as good as it ever has been these last sixty years or so, barring the odd exceptional season. Maybe we just shouldnt expect any more? Maybe O’Neill, heavily flawed as he is, is as good as we can get given our status as a second tier club. Well, I dont think there’s any requirement for anyone to be any more happy about that than we were in 2000

      • major differences Pete

        in 2000, no rich oil sheikhs

        Spurs are at the same level as us and were way in front when MON took over we caught up with them, they fucked up over Jol

        football has changed in those 10 years so much, who would have though Man city would be taken over by oil ?

        we are secure in the challenge for 4th but what do you do about the undeniable financial stats that shows the age bill so high when compared to revenues ?

        • “what do you do about the undeniable financial stats that shows the age bill so high when compared to revenues ?”

          You accept that the top level of the game is effectively a closed shop that the likes of ourselves cant realistically expect to break into, and that if we do it will only be for a fleeting moment like Everton a few years back.

          • I do sort of accept that Pete, I want us to challenge every season for 4th ad we have done that, it just seems the next step is so bloody difficult !!

            Put Tevez in our side and changes it all

            £40m and £150k a week remember

  18. We hammered Wolves. There was cross after cross and most of them were top quality. All it would have taken was a little bit more luck and we would have thrashed them by a few goals.
    They played really well but we were much better. I can’t see how Luke Young would have helped.

    • We say weve had chances every week and that all it needed was a bit of luck or a quality striker or some1 who can be bothered, for example delfonsou, same old story

  19. platypus, totally agree, people jut have not seen just how much we did in the second half, maybe it was luck but keep sayig it, get a quality finisher in imagine then ?

    Stick a Torres, Tevez etc in there the complaining would stop

    however we have to recognise MON seems to have a blind spot on forwards and always has done

    bit like Clough really

  20. I wish MON would stop having a gripe with fan’s expressing how they are feeling.

    He is the manger, he picks the team, but fan’s sometimes won’t agree with the decisions he’s making. The fan’s turn up, pay their hard earned money, and have a right (if they wish) to shout, grumble and moan. MON needs to accept this.

    I’m a season ticket holder and at half time on Saturday I was pretty pissed with the way it was going… That said, I was also pretty griped with the lack of support coming from the Holte End. I know we were a goal down, but we had every chance of winning the game. It was all very very quiet.

    Seeing the subs coming on – I didn’t boo. MON was changing tactics. The team went 3-5-2 and get got a draw.

    Now, had he brought Delfouneso on, would we have got a draw? The equalizer came from a punt from Brad, Heskey knocked it to Carew – Goal. Would Delfouneso have done the same? Kept a cool head? Really don’t know.

    The big issue is that expectation around Vila Park is very high at the moment, the team is doing well and everyone want to see some success… It will happen, maybe not this season, but soon.

    We’ve had 2 great cup runs and this has been one of the best seasons down the Villa for a long time!!! In MON we trust…. for now anyway!

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