Dunne and Collins the best pair in the league

I watched the whole game against Stoke on a stream and it only confirmed what we already know.

Heskey is never going to be good enough to score loads of goals

Carew is just what people call a ‘flat track bully’ as soon as he plays against strong defences he disappears

A point at the Brittannia is for me a very good result, all the teams in the league would accept that yet on the forums I see a lot of moaning about the result in which we played the best football. With some more luck we could have a couple of goals and especially if the two mentioned above could be bothered to get into the box. When Gabby came on he still looked under the weather for me but for the past 15 minutes he made a difference down the channels and created trouble, we could have easily an OG from Young’s cross and some other half chances.

But the credit today goes to as the title suggests the magnificent two centre backs who only cost £9m between them and are without doubt the bargains of the season. Whilst Collins has had a couple of rocky weeks, today he was immense and Dunne alongside him will pick up after where he left at Man City and romp home for our player of the season.

They are, this season, easily the best centre back partnership in the league, the stats prove this and also our own vision at what we see. We know what Stoke are like, we know how they play and yet from every throw in and every corner and free kick they won everything so much so that Freidel has so little to do. The confidence that gives the team is immense.

One defeat in 2010 and that only to Man U and no league defeats is testament to that

So onto the next game at Wigan, a must win game to gain ground and heap the pressure on those above us, anything other than a win and we can forget 4th.

6 comments on “Dunne and Collins the best pair in the league

  1. Have to agree Collins and Dunne were immense but Mons inability to use his subs to our advantage is costing us dearly and has me worried about Wembley and our top 4 hopes .. As for Carew .. you dont expect a striker to score in every game but as far as Villa are concerned Carew is our on form striker , like him or not he is scoring goals .

  2. against Reading and Palace of which 3 out of the 5 were pens

    today I could understand playing them two, against Stoke it is horses for courses

    Gabby will play against Wigan and I would play Delf.

  3. AVFC will only progress to the top four, if and when, a goal- scoring striker is signed for the Club.

    Respect to both Carew and Heskey, but we need strong legs with skill and consistency, to score goals.

    These two ,must take responsibility for holding back the Club from achieving its goal. Very frustrating indeed. When will MON face the reality of the situation?

  4. Noreen, totally agree, MON totally sorted the defence, midfield i reckon is nearly there especially when Delph gets more time on the pitch and then the forward

    the last and most difficult piece in the jigsaw think Delf can be it soon. But not quick enough to replace Carew when he leaves this summer, as he will

  5. At the end of the day it matters not a monkeys chuff what we all think MON will persist with Cuellar at Right Back , Gabby and A.N. Other up front and Petrov struggling with injury in midfield.

    He’ll run them into the ground like he did last season and we’ll finish 7th if we are lucky !

    I hope I’m wrong so do you but I doubt I am !

  6. V57, this time last season the rot was already set in, now we are still unbeaten in the league in 2010 the only tam like that I believe in England

    whereas I would agree some could be rotated out now, Gabby has missed a coupel of games and his usual Winter slump did not happen, he will prove to be crucial above all.

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