Milner puts down another England marker as Delfouneso scores on his debut

It took 75 minutes or so to bring him on, much delayed but within the first touches he pulls off a fantastic pass to Baines and then took the return pass for a fantastic shot to set up wright-Phillips goal in a comfortable England win.

It is bemusing but a relief to us that he never started but he is no right or left back cover for England and surely the time is right for Lampard in particular to be dropped for Milner. Milner is ready to start for England in fact he is a future England captain.

Very disappointing though for Warnock and Downing not to get a few minutes though at this stage you wonder what was the point of picking them.

However there is no doubt and not been for a long time now that Milner will be on the plane to South Africa in June and if Capello is brave enough he will start and then be a world star.

Earlier this evening good news for Nathan Delfouneso as he scored on his England U-21 as sub in a 2-1 defeat. Nathan looked comfortable after coming on and just added to his growing reputation. It has to be said it was not the hardest of goals a tap in after the a shot was parred but he had to be there to score it and that is natural goalscoring instincts.

6 comments on “Milner puts down another England marker as Delfouneso scores on his debut

  1. Agreed. Good blogging by the way.

  2. watched both games tonight and i was impressed with the villa faithful even though milner and delf only had 20 mins apiece or so

    milner should be a starter in the middle cus if lamps had a chelsea shirt on @ stamford bridge he would of had a couple in the first half . its mad he dont perform 4 england

  3. and faz it is clear to a few of us that he and Gerard in the same team simply do not work especially when we play 2 up front

  4. Very disappointed in both games until the mighty Villa players woke me up with their excellent performances .

  5. lampard doesnt perform for england because we dont set the team up around him, having them do all his midfield work, and him then popping up every now and again with a well timed run into the box… and in a 4-4-2, he is decidedly average… he is the epitomy of the sun / motd / skumsports highlight generation player… as for john terry, he is the single most over rated footballer on the planet… and gerrard is a bottler at international level…

    as for milner, he looked lively.. always works hard, and that stands out when you have so many pansy ass premadonnas walzting around like the country owes them…

    delfouneso was quality when he came on… scored a goal, looked lively, and showed the other useless cockends on the pitch, what a proper footballer is actually like… as for manures new “wonder signing” smalling, what an expensive pile of garbage… how he gets in on the back of a couple of mistake ridden, half decent performances, is beyond me… oh no it isnt, stuart pearce is the manager, and he is a cluelss knobend who thinks that because players do or are about to play for one of the sky four, then they must be brilliant… the very same reason why welbeck gets in the team too…

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