030303 – The Night of Shame

No, I do not mean that infamous thread on H&V either !

7 years ago we played Blues at Villa Park, do I need to remind people of the score ?

For Villa fans I wonder has there been a worse night in our history, a night where everything went wrong, a night where a great manager for us became a hate figure for Villa. However for many the abiding memory is the Dion Dublin headbutt on Robbie Savage, he has cult status for that but the reality was he helped us to lose the game.

Despite some drinks (not as many as some people thought) I remember almost every minute of the game, the hatred in the air before the game, the vile atmosphere within Villa Park, yet another goalkeeping blunder and the fans trying to attack the Blues fans.

The end analysis of the game was that season we were lucky to stay up, Blues had one of their best seasons in their whole history and we took years in my view to recover and maybe only the 5-1 actually expunged it from our memories. My overriding memory was in the Holte Suite after the game and a clearly distraught GT on the TV being interviewed and all you could hear was boos around the room, for some they forgot how he saved us and he was the most hated Villa manager ever at that particular time.

Of course football changes game by game and now we look on at that game in bemusement on how we became that bad, 5 consecutive derby wins helps in that of course. The game should always be a reminder how we should always be careful not slip to those bad old games.

and should be a warning not to post on forums when drunk !

8 comments on “030303 – The Night of Shame

  1. “Blues had one of their best seasons in their whole season ”

    Stella or whisky?

  2. I was quite pround of Dublin and Gudjonsson that night, they did exactly what I’d like to have done myself

  3. *proud*

  4. opps, Gary, corrected, changed season for history

  5. The hatred in the air even before KO was next level.. Was sat about three rows back above their lot with the broken seats whizzing by my ears in both directions at the end feeling sick and wishing I haden’t bothered. Got home having recorded it and stuck on the post match ramblings for some closure. You wouldn’t have heard anything in the Holte mate anyway – he came out and said that he wasn’t gonna say anything?! Sadly, the job was too much 2nd time around for him. FFS, he signed Michael Boulding for the season

  6. The only thing Dion did wrong was not putting more meat on the headbutt

  7. So if it wasn’t too much beer what exactly did lead you to be home before anyone else, go on the internet and call everyone a cunt?

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