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13 Games left, all crucial, all ‘must wins’

On Sunday we saw one hope of glory be fooled by the ref but with a minimum 13 games left for the season then clearly each one becomes it’s own cup final as we want to finish the season on a high.

So a week on from the Carling Cup final we will face Reading with just two potential games to a Wembley final return. This is of course the holly grail for Vilal fans, it is about 53 years of hurt and actually winning the bloody FA Cup, something every Villa fan must dream of.

Then with just 12 games left in the season and after a bad weekend with all our rivals winning teh race for fourth became harder but certainly not impossible. We current stand just 4 points behind Spurs with 2 games in hand the race is far from over and lets just look at the remaining fixtures




Man City

So two things stand out

1) The away games will decide our season

2) We could not have asked for an ‘easier’ run in

So currently on 45 points and it is likely we will need another 25 points then can we do it ?

Given the fixtures above I have to say an emphatic YES

But it does require on us to break MON’s infamous losing March streak (can not believe that he has failed to win a March game) and does require us to score goals and likely to plenty of them.

It will not be easier, the disappointment of Wembley has to be got rid of NOW but with desire and faith we can do it, jsut requires every fan to be behind the team at EVERY game.

One comment on “13 Games left, all crucial, all ‘must wins’

  1. Agreed that this is the time for every fan to get behind the team. Every player and manager says that the fans can make a difference.
    Our away support is unwaveringly fantastic and now it’s time for the home support to stand up and be counted too.

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