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View from the North Stand – Rob is very positive this week

Years ago, I remember laughing when someone suggested football should switch to a “summer” game due to bad winters causing postponements and fixture chaos. Now I’m an old phart I totally agree with this……the weather this year as royally pissed me off. Can’t remember the last time I went to Villa Park and didn’t need […]

There is only ONE Randy Lerner – The Quiet American

One stark contrast on Sunday ta the Carling Cup final will be to look to the directors box and notice the tale of two American owners. In the RED corner (or should that be yellow & green) will be the Glazier family. Possibly the most hated people inside of Old Trafford and that probably includes […]

Petrov to MISS Carling Cup Final

According to Sky Sports News last night Petrov is unlikely to play in the cup final. Tsvet on H&V who has good links to Petrov though just posted A friend got a text from him saying he’s coughing a lot and is feeling very weak, but is getting better since yesterday. I reckon he’d be […]


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