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Arsenal moaners, Wenger hypocrite and Karma on quick free kicks

So did you see the Champions League game tonight ? Did you see the incident with the quickly taken free kick ? Did you see Arsene (whinger) moan ? Now for the Karma bit January 19th 2004, Villa Park Mark Halsey the ref, Villa holding the invincibles. then Arsenal got a free kick on the […]

Fantastic Villa video

Sometimes some video’s on Youtube are dire, sometimes like Colin Davies’s they are a fantastic laugh in my view But this one is possible the best Villa one on the net enjoy

Ticket competition is WRONG

Under Randy Lerner’s reign I have little to be unhappy about in the main they have got most if not all of the major decisions 100% correct. However their competition just announced is WRONG in many ways. It is not right that 100 tickets (50 pairs) could go to anyone with a 10 year booking […]


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