Fantastic defence keeps Spurs at bay, but what is the point of Carew

No-one will pretend today’s performance was a classic, in fact quite the opposite it was at times quite desperate. However with the clear MOTM Richard Dunne at the heart of defence and Friedel rock solid we came away from White Hart Lane with yet another clean sheet and a valuable away point at a close rival.

The turning point of the game came when Heskey was forced off, until then we were playing well and Heskey was doing well holing up the ball, then Carew came on.

OK, lets give him some leeway, he has been ‘injured’ but that was abysmal from him, time and time again he failed to hold up the ball like Heskey did and this forced us deeper and deeper back. I have no qualms that if Heskey is out for Man United and other games Nathan Delfouneso, because he would easily be an improvement on Carew any time.

However Spurs came up against a man made brick wall called Collins and Dunne and with Friedel ably supporting them with a few scares they never looked like scoring.

So with just 18 goals conceded in 24 games we are 3 points behind fourth and after Man U on Wednesday a much easier run of fixtures to come. Yes against the very top opposition we lack the top creativity to break them down but our record against the rest of the top 7 with just 3 games to come is very good, if not excellent.

Unlike some on the forums it is not a time to panic but to be hopeful and to admire the resilience and determination of our team nad that goes a long long way to success.

11 comments on “Fantastic defence keeps Spurs at bay, but what is the point of Carew

  1. i dont know – i know i’d definitely prefer to have a fit carew (goal scoring ratio: 31gls/87gms = 36%), over a heskey (4gls/33gms = 12%).

    having said that – i agree with you in wishing delfouneso was given more playing time.

    , i think we were out-classed today – we need to accept that with our strikers, 4th place is beyond our capabilities.

    downing has been shocking too.

  2. Villa have some great players and to be honest you didn’t look like much more than what Hull provided when they came to WHL. You defence looked great but the rest of the team devoid of ideas even if you are going for 4-7th without the attacking intent you will be in danger of starting to lose 1-0 and then you will have a concern as you will have forgotten how to attack.

    • not sure we have forgotton how to attack but we lack that one player that makes all the difference and so do you

      it is no good Defoe being a flat track bully and not scoring against teams that matter, it is a fact he needs a lot of chances to score but you create them, a lot through long balls to crouch.

      watch MOTD did you, kinda of ironic that you di the hoof thing with us but all your good chances came from the same source ?

      combine both of us and you would have a PL winning team for sure.

      • Agree about the route one stuff, but you have a sound defence and had many players behind the ball. I think if you watch the full 90 minutes you will see while chances were created by long- balls to crouch at least hald were through balls by Modric, runs by Bale or Bentley.

        • that maybe true but after watching the game again it was not until the last 10 minutes that we looked concerned. Two evenly matched teams actually playing much of the same style with the same systems. We cancelled each other out and niether damaged their prospects of top 4.

          • Agree that not too much damage has been created mainly due to Hull’s result and the knowledge that Liverpool are still quite an average team. But I think you paid us too much respect for 1 half at Villa and again at White-Hart-Lane, there were more similarities to the way Hull setup than say Liverpool. That is no disrespect but with the players you have, you didn’t need to at 70 minutes most Spurs players were tired after the Leeds game, but you were still sat behind the ball. If by cancelling out you mean last-ditch block and crouch fluffing headers (which I think Carew would have scored) you did so but I would have been concerned for more than just the last 10 minutes.

  3. Why does Carew get stick? a FIT john carew is as good as any striker in the league and his goal to games ratio speaks volumes. Why wasnt Gabby terrorising King? why didnt Young and Downing in particular who hasnt performed well for about 6 games now.. put on as much pressure on the spurs back four as they put on ours?

    We need a quality striker, a proper number 9 and we also need someone in the middle alongside milner who has the pace and stamina and vision to unlock teams defences. As good as petrov has been, he just cant cover lots of ground at pace for 90 mins.

    On the positive side our Defence is looking excellent and with bouma and davies nearing full fitness that is the one area that we will can be pleased about.

    Does anyone know how long Albrighton is out for? I think that he should be given loads of opportunities when he gets back, he is a cracking player and Young and Downing and Agbonlahor with Delfouneso.. need to know they arent 1st on the team sheet week in week out.. i believe that is the biggest problem we have.

  4. the problem was not the strikers for me..

    yes, they didnt hold up the ball, however, the service and support they received from the central midfield was nothing short of embarressing…

    our midfield sat far too deep, and were far too static, which gave spurs a lot of possession, and forced us on the back foot…

    it was an appalling display and due to the fact that we bottled it, yet again, a point was a fantastic result…

    what yesterday does show however, is that neither villa or spurs have enough to be in 4th spot come the end of the season…

    we saved our worst performance for them, yet they still couldnt beat us…

    liverpool will get the 4th champs league spot down to the fact that while they are having a piss poor season, the challengers simply arent good enough yet…

  5. Carew is awful. No balance. Terrible first touch. Compared to heskey he’s miles worse. In fact, everytime I see Carew play, he reminds me of how good heskey is! Need to off load carew, and get a decent hold up man, I’d fork out for kenwyne jones. Heskey would be a more than suitable back up. I can’t undrstand villans who criticise heskey over Carew. Makes no sense

    • no idea what you are basing this on. carew has not been fit for a while – heskey never even looks fit. what does he do? heskey is a joke. richard dunne has got a better scoring ratio than heskey.

  6. and these comments neatly encapsulate the whole debate, however the sand hasshifted. Back in August a very few number of us backed Heskey over Carew, that is now more like 50/50

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