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Gareth Barry not a miss for Villa

I am sure a few of us watch each Manchester City game with an eye on our former player now playing in light blue. So after watching the game against Blackburn and tonight’s game where City lost convincingly to Everton we should ask the question whether we actually miss him despite all the fuss at the time.

I have never hidden my thoughts over Barry and thus the day he left I was very happy as we could move on with a more dynamic midfield. We have seen since Downing’s introduction nd Milner’s move into midfield exactly what we missed with Barry in midfield.

Now lets get this right, Barry is a great footballer, I watched him from his first game at 17 year old at Sheff Weds when he made a great introduction as sub and I thought we had a great footballer on our hands then. His passing ability was ever in doubt but as the years went on the questions were over his pace and last season we saw this many times.

Watching tonight only confirmed the lack of pace is now a major problem if he is to be an influence in the middle of the park for Premier League games (internationals suit him down to the ground). So when he is no longer in our midfield then now with Milner who is quicker and more direct and Downing whose passing at times is better then the ‘Barry replacement’; has been found and we are far better off without him.

It is of course written in the stars we will meet at the end of February at Wembley and he will murder us but on the evidence of today and this season them maybe Barry leaving is the thing that pushes us onto the next level.

We do not miss him

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